Our Team

We are a multi-national, interdisciplinary team that works with our shared values of honesty, equity, communication, and continuously learning.

With a combined 20 years of experience in science, software, and entrepreneurship, we are always collaborating on exciting new projects! 


Sarah R. Nicholson

MASc., BEng.

Chief Executive Officer

Sarah’s passion for the environment, art, and engineering helped her build a freelance graphic design company while studying mechanical engineering and developing her knowledge in geographical systems. With the mission to find a solution to energy and housing issues in remote and northern communities, Sarah’s award-winning research during her Master’s of Applied Science Degree has become the basis for commercialization and expansion of multi-year/multi-organization projects. She used computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and her knowledge of environmental systems to create a new method to keep permafrost from thawing, while providing renewable energy through geo-exchange.

Sarah has presented her technical work internationally, and has been a guest lecturer, podcast guest, researcher, and mentor on improving the conditions for women in engineering and technology. Along with her experience as Marketing Director and CTO, Sarah’s mission is to use her skills to innovate the business of sustainable technology – by making high-tech solutions genuinely accessible and empowering for all, while prioritizing the holistic health of the global economies and environments that we’re a part of.  


Sylvie Antoun

PhD. (she/her)

Chief Science Officer

Sylvie thrives to curb the inequities existing in research and technology faced by our science and engineering worlds. At the core of all her work is impact within the community. Impact is what drives her to tackle the biggest challenges of marginalized communities, like the climate crisis and its injustices. Impact also drives her to nurture her leadership consulting and teaching methods, by telling stories and sharing experiences — both of her own and others. She has a passion for taking on initiatives that impart her knowledge and ability to help underrepresented communities, while at the same time reinforcing a sense of engineering responsibility for professional practices and collaborative work. 


Sheldon Frith

Chief Technology Officer

Sheldon wrote his first program when he was 13, and has had a passion for computer systems ever since. As a software developer he believes that the focus should be on providing value to clients above all other considerations. He also brings an outside perspective to the table, due to his years of experience in non-academic fields such as regenerative agriculture and construction.


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