The Key to a Renewable Future Is Better Storytelling

Even after using advanced research and practical knowledge to create the best possible renewable energy technology, many inventions fail to realize their potential impact.

We believe that much of this is a communication problem.

Telling the story of scientific breakthroughs, and the emotional meanings behind it are the keys to energizing the right people.

That’s why we at Umny Inc. have specialized to offer this service as an intertwined and complementary function of our software development and scientific research. We understand the complicated features of renewable technology, and we design the illustrations and animations that communicate this design to key people.

With custom in-house UI/UX design, illustration, animations, and web-development we have helped technology companies gain momentum through an updated and professional image.

We develop award-winning presentations that have helped our clients expand their business, earn capital, and gain international recognition.

Our love of science and art mixed with our understanding of the fast-paced software world enable us to provide updated science communication for renewable energy companies. We love to tell the story of invention. 

Sarah R Nicholson
Sarah R Nicholson

Sarah is a co-founder and CEO of Umny Inc. She has worked as a freelance graphic designer, researcher, and science educator.